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Media Musings Blog Archive Doing it for the kids This week Prime Minister Julia Gillard moved towards a what stores carry burberry reform that would restrict live odds from betting agencies during sporting broadcasts. The exact details of the reform are yet to be known, but what has been gathered so far is that there will not be a total ban on gambling advertising. Under the proposed changes, burberry sale online these advertisements will be banned during play, but would still be allowed before and after the games or during a scheduled break in play (quarter time and half time). Gillard said this move will 'prevent children from learning about sport through gambling'. What a total cop out. This is a political chest beat if ever I've seen one. While it may decrease exposure to 'the kids' how in any way does it address the greater issue in problem gambling? Put simply it doesn't, and in case you lived in a fantasy world where you think the ads are the sole reason people gamble, the bans are only restricted, so in essence they do nothing. A total ban discounted burberry clothes on gambling advertising is the only logical solution, but even then, does it really address the problems? I'm burberry bowling bag a 22 year old male who loves sport and I will place an informed bet sometimes when I see value. If there was to be a total ban on gambling advertising it would have zero effect on me or anyone else who gambles or even worse has a gambling problem because we already know where to go when we want to punt. Just like smokers, just like alcoholics. The facts are that betting is so easy and accessible for everyone.

If you love to bet on sport you're either at the TAB watching the game/race or sitting on the couch with a laptop or phone. To say that this is addressing an issue is comical. You may be slightly restricting (yes, because that's all it is) the exposure to children, but what about the 48% of 12 to 14 year olds on social networking sites exposed to anything and everything as well as those kids who are exposed to problem gamblers themselves.

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