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Burberry sein unique Suit Hommes Casual Kaki

Burberry sein unique Suit Hommes Casual Kaki


Media Musings Blog Archive Does Ricky Muir Deserve A Fair Go His ascension from unemployed rev head to representative of the people is indeed fascinating, but are we focusing on the right things when reporting on him? Editor of The Weekly Times Ed Gannon argued that Muir has been chastised by the media because he represents a threat to the expected profile of a parliamentarian.

is so far out of the box of what we expect our politicians to be that he has become a figure of ridicule, Gannon wrote in an op ed published in The Herald Sun. You purchase burberry online could almost hear the snigger from theThe Australian as they quoted Muir telling them we get elected we will certainly get youse around and we will speak a lot more seriously about it video of him engaging in a kangaroo poo fight with his brother has been widely circulated and is probably one of the only bits of information the public has to judge Muir. Attacking him for not being prepared for the job seems a little harsh. There could not have been any realistic expectation from him jackets burberry on sale or his party that he would gain entry to parliament. Much has been made of the fact that shock horror he doesn even own a suit. I nominate for the AFL draft each year in dreamy hope of an administrative error that would see me abandon journalism and play for Collingwood. I don even burberry outlet online store real own a football.

But then again, is he not expected to be held to the same account as all of our other elected representatives? In his new burberry quilted jacket outlet sale position he is afforded considerable power to influence policy and legislation. Is it worrying that someone so unqualified possesses that power? Or refreshing that the bloke from tiny Denison gets to represent Victoria? These are bigger questions about our electoral system and democracy. The important thing for the media to ensure is that Muir is judged fairly and criticised on the basis of political activities, not his wardrobe, vernacular or silly but harmless holiday activities.

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