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Salmon Burberry Sac

Salmon Burberry Sac


Media Musings Blog Archive Australia The federal government announced the burberry sale 2015 Malaysia solution this month, which is a plan to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia, trading them for 4,000 refugees who've had their claims assessed in that country.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat, will be sent directly to Malaysia, and to the 'back of the queue'. And that Australia, original burberry store in return, will take people from the 'front of the queue' burberry children's outlet those whose claims to asylum have been successful. Refugees sent to Malaysia might becaned while in the detentions centers. What does the media have to say about that? why are people that are born in Australia have the right to a better life and people on the other side of the worlddo not, based on nothing other than thegeographical location of their birth? Surely the ignorant statement "because I am Australian" doesn't provide approval to dismiss burberry usa website the rights of fellow human beings? The media has a tendency to put a negative spin on the issue, mainly trying to scare the public by creating allegations about our national security being at risk. Well known news channels have played a key role in shaping the attitude that people in this country have adopted towards this issue.

Can mainstream media be trusted? or do we need to rely on shows like Media Watch to expose them. What I like about the George Negus 6:30 report is it asks questions that everyone avoids. Last night George Negus asked if Australia is racist nation? And inhuman to defer people to detention centers in Malaysia? What do you think.

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