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Media Musings Blog Archive Could bundling save online journalism You don need to be Philip Marlowe to know that journalism is struggling to find a sustainable online revenue model.

As publications attempt to move on from the good old days of expensive classified ads to a new platform where advertising space is suddenly worth a lot less, journalism is now asking readers to pay their way. The problem is people increasingly want to read from a broad range of local and international sources, and many get their news through aggregators like Twitter. The result is less brand loyalty. This is a significant problem when subscriptions to most media outlets are in the hundreds of dollars. A digital subscription to the Herald Sun is around $200 a year, Crikey is a similar amount, The Australian around $150, while digital copies of the The Age cost $25 a month. Overseas, access to The New York Times is nearly $450 a year andThe Wall Street Journal about $400. There is no way people are going to pay potentially thousands of dollars to subscribe burberry bikini to multiple outlets, so I like to propose an idea: bundling. I imagine it could work rather like television subscriptions, where you pick and choose the channels you burberry outlet wrentham ma want and pay for the total package. There is no way I pay $200 a year just forThe Age, but I would probably consider it if I could also access The Australian, The Financial Review and online shop burberry Crikey. This kind of subscription model would require co operation between publications in direct competition and of various sizes, and I sure there would be disputes about dividing up the revenue. Viewers often complain TV subscription bundles make them pay for channels they don want, and where can i buy burberry on sale this would perhaps need to be addressed with regulation. However, I think it could be an innovative way for publishers to attract a paying readership in a way that is already familiar to consumers.

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