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Burberry Pochettes Uk Verge d'or

Burberry Pochettes Uk Verge d'or


know how Tony missed cancer lump says make THE make up artist who badgered RTE star Tony O'Donoghue into seeing a doctor when she discovered a cancerous lump "can't understand how he didn't notice it".

Sportscaster Tony is now crediting Siobhan Power with saving his life after she warned him she would "annoy" him until he went to see a doctor about a lump on his neck, which she suspected could be serious. And as dad of one Tony underwent treatment for the cancerous burberry discount outlet online lump, Siobhan kept news of nearest burberry store his condition secret for three months until he released the information. Speaking to the Herald, Siobhan said she is burberry outlet store glad she "nagged" the popular broadcaster into seeing a doctor. She has been doing Tony's make up for years, and noticed a lump on the side of his neck. She immediately alerted him to it and urged him to see a doctor. "I am very happy that I gave out to him and said it to his face. For the first time in his life he was glad he listened to a woman. I am so glad I did say something because it could have been none of my business." Tony said himself that Siobhan warned she would "keep ringing" him until he got it checked out by a doctor. The make up artist, who looks after a range of RTE stars including Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy, said men should look at themselves more often and be aware of changes in their body. "I deal with a lot of people in RTE and other people from time to time. "As a woman, when I see their face every few weeks I notice things. Men don't notice these things. I also have bright lights when I work. If I saw something different like a mole I would notice, I probably know their faces more than they do." Siobhan explained that there had been a six week gap since she had made up Tony and she new straight away the lump was new. "I can't understand how he didn't notice it, it buy burberry was quite big. I knew it was definitely not there before," she said.

After Siobhan's warning, Tony went to his doctor on February 8 and soon underwent surgery at the Blackrock Clinic to get the lump removed. Three months and two operations later, Tony is due to meet with his oncologist this weekend for a final diagnosis. The Irish make up artist added that she knew he was undergoing treatment for the past few months but kept it secret out of respect for Tony and his family.

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