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Burberry Trench court

Burberry Trench court


Lancashire Evening Post Poole's managing director Neil Court Johnston genuine burberry outlet online invited pie lovers to capture the taste of a "changing north" by nominating a pie for their town, city or region. Preston's spud, onion and buttery buy burberry jackets online sauce confection is in the final 10, competing with the likes of Hull's Fish Special (with pattie and chip spice), a Yorkshire "Posh Pie" boasting steak with chantel mushrooms in burgundy sauce with a hint of dark chocolate, Bury Black Pudding Pie, the Bolton Pastie and burberry luggage Blackburn and Burnley's Lancashire Lamb and Mint Sauce pie. While many people may wonder why Preston, surrounded by farming country, opts for a vegetarian pie, the answer is thought to lie in its ecclesiastical heritage. As a town with a large Catholic population whch observed the "no meat on Fridays" penance rule, the pie was a popular non meat meal. Janet Gray, of Penwortham, said: "I love them, but I'm a Preston girl, so you're brought up with them. It's a tradition. You go anywhere else my sister lives in Nantwich and you just don't seem to get the traditional sort of things." Preston's pie and cooked meat purveyor Arthur Strand said: "They were meant to be an alternative to meat. A pie was a quick snack, but now top restaurants make butter pie in a mini version as a starter throughout the country." Arthur recalls that after being very popular for decades the pie became hard to find and he says he asked now closed pie makers Ashworths of Preston to make it to meet customer demand in the 1970s, Nicola Parker Thompson, a civil servant from Lostock Hall, said: "It should be a winner. I like them mostly because they are vegetarian and I love butter and I love pastry." Student Shaahid Mahomed was visiting Preston from Blackburn. He said: "I like all pies I eat them when I want a quick snack. They seem to sell a lot of pies here." Pat Wells of Beech Grove, Ashton: "I'm a Prestonian and I buy butter pie now and again they're very tasty. If it was pie it was Friday that was why you had it. It's definitely the best northern pie." Preston Council worker Terry Smith said: "I was brought up with butter pie. On a Friday you could never burberry outlet on line have meat you had to have a butter pie! There were a lot of pie shops in Preston in the 1950s and 60s. People buy them frozen and taken them home I do it all the time, I'd definitely vote for butter pie.

" Fellow Preston Council worker Linda Vanilavicius said: "I loved butter pies it was like a meal. I like it with a bit of cheese on top and they are the best because they are sloppy.".

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