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Coeurs imprim


Killing and cleaning up comment sections Comment sections are increasingly posing a problem for online news outlets, but the attempted solutions range from killing comment sections to do burberry trench coats go on sale incentivising behaviour Last week the 141 year old American magazine Popular Science announced that it would be shutting down the comment facility on its online articles arguing, "comments can be bad for science". In a comment disabled article that appeared on the Popular Science website a spokesperson justified the decision, saying the site's comment threads are increasingly hijacked by "trolls and spambots" or burberry outlet deals dominated by politically motivated and scientifically unfounded opinions that have the power to skew future readers' opinion of the research based articles. In the same week Google announced that it would also be making changes to the way comments department stores that carry burberry are displayed on YouTube. Comments on the video sharing site, labelled the "seventh circle of commenting hell", will no longer be ranked by most recently posted, but instead comments will be given preference based on the "popularity" of the commenter. Viewers will also be able to set their preferences to eliminate key words or favour certain users (WATCH a better explanation here). Controlling the content of comments has been an issue for online media outlets since comment facilities first hit the web. Most sites have always moderated user responses, if only to remove material that is racist, sexist or otherwise offensive to viewers. But the ability for users to easily and instantly post a reply to published content is also one of the obvious advantages of online media. Online news outlet The Conversation encourages the academics who generate their content to respond to comments left on their articles. The result can be insightful and respectful discussions that challenge and expand on the points raised in the articles. But with spam and trolling messages now clogging up the comment sections of so many media sites, publishers are increasingly having to consider how best to moderate user responses. The Huffington Post now requires all new users to verify their identity in the hope burberry cap that making commenters more accountable will limit the number of "bad comments". Gossip blog Gawker is taking a different approach, incentivising good comments by promising to "promote" bloggers and commenters who behave and block those who do not.

Online media outlets of course want to see comments on their articles. User interaction not only shows that people are reading a certain article but care enough to actively engage with the content. And in an industry driven by clicks and page views audience participation is essential.

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