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I'm wondering about grass clippings and the OMB It's what the majority of St.

Catharines residents want, asserted Coun. That only leaves the grass stained disenchanted to unleash their suburban angst on cowering councillors. Still, given its ranking on the world's woes list 1.5001 million out of 1.5 million you'd think city councillors wouldn't get so exercised over the grass clippings issue. Normally, such an assessment would be bang on. But the city gang is playing with house money on this one. Waste collection and disposal are Niagara Region's responsibility. If collecting the clippings cost money or the composting of them funkifies the surrounding area happily, not St. Catharines it's the Region's problem. So, city councillors have nothing to lose by shaking their heads in dismay over the horror of allowing clippings to decompose on Garden City lawns. The message cheap burberry clothes delivered to angry suburbanites: City good, Region evil. For what it's worth, a staff report that revisits the grass clippings issue will be presented to the Region's public works committee later this month. The ban is projected to save regional taxpayers about $450,000 this year. n n n Kind of a weird closed door topic at city council Monday. Up for discussion was an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board of council's recent decision to reject a residential in filling project at Glen Morris Dr. and Village Rd. The four storey condo apartment burberry jumper sale element outlet burberry orlando of the proposed development raised the ire of residents living in the adjacent single detached dwelling neighbourhood. Council sided with the residents, despite the project being strongly supported by the burberry shop city's planning department. The developer, represented by Barr Associates, has sought an OMB hearing. I'd like to tell you more, but I can't. As noted, Monday's discussion was in camera. That's weird, because informing council of a zoning decision appeal and explaining the options it presents are normally the stuff of public reports. So why the secrecy at this stage of the non existent proceedings?He said the city solicitor was seeking direction and council provided it.

A public report detailing options will be presented to council in two weeks, the mayor added. It will also spell out the costs associated with an OMB fight. Because city hall staff supported the rezoning, the city would have to hire outside experts to make its case at the hearing.

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