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Mathematics and Statistics Research Interests:Dr.

Caron main research focus is on the representation of feasibility regions for mathematical programs. Specifically, he is concerned with buy burberry outlet online the characterization of minimal representations and with the development of algorithms, particularly probabilistic algorithms, to determine such a minimal representation. This area of research includes the development of probabilistic algorithms to find feasibility and for related problems in computational geometry, such as algorithms for extreme point identification. Dr. Caron is also working with colleagues burberry outlet md in Industrial Engineering on the application of operational research techniques for hospital administration. Dr. Caron has successfully supervised 18 master students and 3 doctoral students; and is currently supervising a master student in mathematics, a master student in industrial engineering, and a doctoral student in computer science.Pooyan Shirvani Ghomi, On Murty Gravitational Interior Point method for Quadratic Programming", MSc. Mathematics. Pooyan will start a PhD program at the University of Calgary in September 2010.Brendan Eagen, "Analysis of Scheduling in a Diagnostic Imaging Department: A Simulation Study", MASc. Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Co supervised with W. Abdul Kader. Brendan is now an Industrial Engineering PhD Student at the University of Toronto working with Dr. Michael Carter.Vera Vasilyeva, "An analysis of Murty proposed interior point method for quadratic programming", MSc. (Thesis), burberrys outlet 2008, now completing graduate work in financial mathematics at the University of Western Ontario.Adam Hartfiel, point detection and the polar dual MSc. (Thesis), Mathematics, 2007. Adam is now in a Computer Science PhD program at Waterloo.Kevin Durda, the Structure of Semantic Memory 2006. MSc.

(Thesis) Mathematics co supervised with Dr. Lori Buchanan (Psychology). clearance burberry bags Kevin is now in a doctoral program in Computer Science at Windsor.

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