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Media Musings Blog Archive A Big Shame You may not sympathise because it's Kim Kardashian (why is she famous again?) and because it's the tabloids that are publishing the majority of this trash, but this is an issue much bigger than a reality TV star.

The level of scrutiny clearance burberry bags she has received and gross commentary about burberry store outlet online her weight reminds us how acceptable it has burberry montreal outlet become to pick apart a woman's appearance when she doesn't measure up to society's unrealistic standards. The Huffington Post zeroes in on why we should care: "These headlines affect us all, even when we tell ourselves we aren paying attention, that we write them off as trash. They leak into the cultural ether and affect buy burberry brit online how women see themselves and other women and how much time and thought and energy women put into fixing bodies that aren broken." Body shaming, especially in relation to woman, is rife within the public domain.

Women are praised for being skinny but she can't be too skinny because then she's just skin and bones and nobody likes that; women need to be feminine but they also can't have short hair because that's not being feminine. Being feminine is about having long, flowing hair, flawless skin and wearing pretty things as long as it's a size 6, but wait, doesn't that make you a self obsessed airhead too occupied on looks? It gets to a point where a woman's appearance, as Mia Freedman points out, is "so inextricably linked to our value that not even when growing a human being inside us are we exempt from the ridiculously narrow constraints of what a 'hot' woman is mean to look like.".

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