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Hommes Burberry Sacs

Hommes Burberry Sacs


Media Musings Blog Archive A Bump in the Road of Right This week saw 2GB temporarily suspend all advertising on Alan Jones program.

On the face of it, this seems like a positive move following the public outrage expressed through mainstream and social media. Unfortunately I don think the suspension will last a moment longer than it takes for the public to be distracted burberry wholesale by something else. It only a matter of time before the advertisers come crawling back, putting their brands behind Jones as buy burberry clothes online he spouts his nonsense. It seems that wherever you look or listen there is some right wing lunatic banging their gong. Be it Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, John Laws, Miranda Devine, the list goes on. The popularity of these people demonstrates do burberry scarves go on sale a sad flaw in Australian society: prejudice, racism, sexism and ill informed ignorance sells to Australian audiences. These people aren on the airwaves and in the papers because of the strength of their conviction alone; they are there because people pay attention. Alan Jones current predicament won see his end. It just another bump in the road of right wing rage.

The cash for comment scandal didn end John Laws and the racism row didn sinkAndrew Bolt. When the right wingers are called out they authentic burberry bags outlet online just take their licks and keep their heads down for a short while. Once the public eye finds something else to focus on it back to business as usual.

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