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Media Musings Blog Archive Disney It's definitely no secret that I'm a huge Star Wars fan: two tribute tattoos and a slightly embarrassing collection of merchandise has burberry outlet on line earned me the title of "Star Wars Sarah" to my friends.

I even liked Episodes I, II and III (the favourite will always be The Empire Strikes Back in case you were worried) so it came as a surprise to everyone including myself that I remained quiet during the Disney takeover. Fear has kept me avoiding the subject. Friends who are as equally obsessed with the franchise as I am were keen to have in depth discussions about what it could all mean, possible story lines and the age old question of why we can't just let Star cheap burberry bags Wars shelf peacefully. Hasn't George Lucas ruined it enough? I was afraid that if I sat down with someone and got all the burberry york facts it would lead me to the inevitable conclusion that Disney would further butcher something so dear to me and make it seem more ridiculous to outsiders. However, Disney has made some big changes that I can't ignore anymore: it's time to either settle my fears or become hopeful. The biggest of these changes was Tuesday's announcement of a new Star Wars TV series, titled Star Wars: Rebels. Set for release in 2014, the animated series will take place in the two decades between Episode III and IV apparently to chronicle the rise of the Empire, the last struggling Jedi, and the formation of the Rebel Alliance. This series is not a new concept back in 2005 Lucas was planning a live action TV series to fill the gap between III and IV. However, he is easily sidetracked and fan backlash on just about everything he does meant that most of this idea was shelved. Disney has seen it as a ready made opportunity to prepare fans for their new movie arriving in 2015. With skepticism so high about the movie plans, there will be a lot of judgment riding on this series. Most fans, including myself, are struggling with an internal battle: excitement and joy over the simple fact there is a new Star Wars movie, and extreme fear.

I guess we can't make up our minds until 2014. Here's hoping Disney does as good a job on Star Wars as they did with burberry warehouse london The Avengers.

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