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Media Musings Blog Archive Are journalist When tragedy strikes and burberry trenchcoat outlet preis it's a reporter's job to cover the story, they will find themselves tip toeing across the wafer thin ice of ethical journalism. Stephen J. A. Ward, Professor of Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin Madison, says when journalism involves death and upset, reporters are seen as "vultures" swooping down "to feast" on the afflicted. Yet is it as black and white as this? How should one go about reporting death, suicide and murder? On Thursday morning, May 23rd, the world reeled in horror as a British soldier, now identified as Drummer Lee Rigby, was brutally "butchered" as many publications described it in Woolwich, London. The two men accused cut down Rigby in broad daylight, in the middle of a public street, and were filmed by bystanders shouting Islamic slogans and preaching their message. So when reporting on an event which is both politically sensitive as it is personal, what is the correct way to handle it? Journalists must walk a fine line between being honest in describing the pure nature of an event, honouring journalistic principles of reporting, rather than elaborating lavishly on details and imagery to draw more readers. In an article by Ceasefire, they have actually given a Guide to reporting on death with the focus story being the Woolwich killing. Additionally, and almost most importantly, a death like this watched under shopping at burberry the scrutiny of the global media spotlight, the way in which an issue and the people involved are reported, has a volatile potential to spark more havoc evident in the Anti Islamic burberry outlet locations outbursts in London. Almost every online publication provided the same video for the public, the burberry jacket sale outlet one of Michael Adebolajo, yet with varying degrees of editing. The article by SBS Australia for example shows the footage of the accused, Adebolajo, preaching to a filming onlooker while waving around the bloodied butcher's knife's literally just used to execute the British soldier. Yet this differs from the actual full length video by U TV news (shown below), where the footage narrates the accused walking back over to the body of the butchered solider previously unseen lying in the background. It ultimately comes down to the publication themselves with how daring, or reckless they are in showing graphic content to its readers. "If it bleeds, it leads", is a seemingly unspoken code in a newsroom, as Michael Emery Ted Curtis state in their publication on photojournalism ethics. Yet any moral journalist knows that while a front page story brandishing bloodied images and overtly imaginative descriptions will run off the shelves, it will spit in the faces of those related to the death.

For the relatives of the deceased Lee Rigby, his wife, his children, family and friends, it hard to imagine how it would feel to see you loved ones death described so imaginatively. 'The Age' said Rigby was "hacked", 'Fox News' said he was "butchered", while 'The Guardian' respectfully said he was simply "killed". The victims of such a brutality continue on past the people directly involved, so for a journalist, one must "minimise harm" they cause by reporting tragedies, yet realistically, will never do harm" as all news must be reported on.

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