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Burberry Nova Check bandouli

Burberry Nova Check bandouli


Introducing a designer doghouse that won When you think ofa dog house you are probablymore likely to conjure up an image of a burberry online outlet store smelly, old box in the dirtiest corner of a backyardthan a pristinepuppy palace.

Enter Oscar Fernandez and Matt burberry tops for sale Ellwood, the Kiwi co founders of Barkitecture, who areset on changing the stigma surrounding doghouses with whatthey claim is the first affordable designerdog house. With interest in burberry women shirts outlet the company developing around the world, including potential distributors in the United States, and anupcoming slot in the Canine Collective Pop Up in PonsonbyCentral, Fernandez said the needs of owners and their dogs remained at the heart of the company.

"We ran a successfulsoft launch campaign in February to understand how many people were interested in the product itself and also the type of person (and dog) we'd be catering for. In that outreach we had some amazing input in terms of functional design, which then allowed us to refine the product and changed ouractual production for the authentic burberry sale online better.".

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