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Burberry Pochettes Uk Stud noir


Media Musings Blog Archive Bingle Blunder By Clementine Zawadzki The new reality series Being Lara Bingle hasn hit our screens yet, and already the the bloody hell are you? model is causing a stir in the media realm.

With journalism underfire by regulatory bodies to control content and adhere to privacy laws, accuracy and transparency, Lara Bingle latest bid for attention may have done more than affect her reputation, adding fuel to the fire of the Finkelstein inquiry and Murdoch current trial. Is burberry g√ľnstig PR controlling the way journalists are perceived? Is journalistic integrity being compromised by PR stunts out for a cheap thrill? will officially become irrelevant and her celebrity stocks will plummet faster than you can say Peter Andre, writes Ros Raine for The Daily Telegraph. You might think making reference to an over tanned fluorescent dressed pop singer is a little harsh, but Raine does have a point Bingle career is constantly running off the back of a failed campaign to boost her image, let alone a successful one. Paparazzi mogul, and reported long time friend burberry mens wallet outlet of Bingle, Darryn Lyons wasted no time in giving his opinion of the recent nude photo scandal to hit the press. The recent A Current Affair broadcast of Bingle was highlighted in Miranda Devine article in the Herald Sun, drawing attention to Tracy Grimshaw comment is out of fashion. have shirked our responsibility for social control because we are too afraid to be judgmental, reports Devine. Were the nude photos a setup to push Bingle back into the spotlight and give her stardom a sense of security? It seems convienient the conflict falls on the eve of her rise as a TV starlet. Although Bingle has made various attempts to develop a good self image in the media, she also puts the blame on how she falls victim to privacy laws. Journalist and blogger Kim Powell questions how far removed taking photos of someone in their home is compared to phone hacking. Richard Ackland adds a fascinating perspective to this matter in Sydney Morning Herald. Is PR being past off as quality news for ratings? Most definitely, but in the instance of Bingle, such debarcle seems welcomed. Journalism needs to entertain and captivate interest, and this is done through the shock value and the conflict which rises from that. What your take on the media treatment burberry suit outlet of Bingle? A Current Affair, Being Lara Bingle, Channel 10, Herald Sun, Kim Powell, Lara Bingle Fame Posted under: Media ethics, Social media Dated: May 08 2012 This is a good idea for a blog post. There is a lot to discuss. To make your post stronger, though, I would suggest looking at the structure. Once introducing the idea or issue you need to have a sentence/ par that clearly states your opinion what this blog post is about. Then use your examples to back that up. Try to avoid just making a list of what other media commentators are saying unless you can use that as evidence to back up your opinion (in this case perhaps the fact that media commentators are all talking about it is helping boost her publicity). Remember your online writing style. Try to use burberry outlet livermore short sharp sentences. That second sentence has a lot of ideas in it and it would probably benefit from being broken up into at least two sentences. Make sure that your links open in a new window so you don lose your reader. And also make sure you proof read there are a few spelling mistakes in there. Hey Clementine, I also think this is a really good idea for a blog post. When I first saw the ad for Being Lara Bingle I thought "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I'm not sure why PR companies, journalists and the general public even care so much about Ms Bingle. She hasn't done anything too crazy, nor has she done anything wonderful or life changing.

Whether you're a lover or a hater or an I don't even care er, we all need to move on. And personally I think the show is going to flop and this will be another unnecessary blow to Bingle's career. Glad you pointed out the Ros Raine article, which I happen to agree with.

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