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Languages used in medieval documents You are here:Manuscripts and Special Collections used in medieval documents Three different languages were in use in England in burberry scarf sale outlet the later medieval period, (or ) and.

Eventually English emerged as the standard literary medium, but it was not until the eighteenth century that disappeared from legal documents. had emerged as a distinct dialect of after the Norman Conquest in 1066 established a speaking aristocracy in English. It was still dominant in the mid thirteenth century when Robert of Gretham wrote his advice on moral conduct, the Mirur. For Robert the appropriate language for lay education was, but by the late fourteenth century his book had been translated into English. Detail from Robert of Gretham, Mirur, in (WLC/LM/4, f.57v)The earliest literary document in English in the University of Nottingham collections is a fragment from the life of St Bridget, from the South English Legendary, composed in the late thirteenth century. The scribe uses the Anglo Saxon letters for or ( and thorn for ( He leaves a wide gap between the first capital letter of each line and the rest of the word. See the words (' is') at the start burberry jacket mens of line 2, and ('by in the middle of line 3. His explanation concludes that everybody, both the educated ( and unschooled ( old and young, can understand the English tongue. In contrast, was only understood by those who learnt it at school, and by those who attended court. His ballades include the poem Traiti pour les amantz marietz, promoting the virtues of married love. Shown here is a section headed by an introduction (rubricated in red ink) in which Gower apologises for any mistakes in his. The introduction to the passage is in, and reads 'Gower, qui Anglicus est, sua verba Gallica excusat' ('Gower, who is English, makes excuse for his words'). This followed a familiar convention of bilingual presentation. Gower great English work was known by its title Confessio Amantis and burberry quilted jacket outlet included running titles and section headings. Detail from John Gower, Traiti., in with headings (WLC/LM/8, f.203v) Although remained familiar to Gower contemporaries at court and in educated or wealthy circles, the great days of as a literary medium were over. A form of, known as 'Law ', continued to be used by English lawyers in written form until the seventeenth century. It became fossilized and degraded, because after the fourteenth century, most of those using the language did not fully understand it. Many legal terms still in existence today derive from, such as 'attorney', 'bailiff' and 'defendant'. Title deeds in are rare after the early fifteenth century. This agreement relating to dower, made in 1417 (Ne D 742), is in fact the very last deed known to exist in the University of Nottingham collection. Detail from agreement relating to dower, in, 1417 (Ne D 742) was still the preferred language for many purposes. With its fixed grammar and spelling, it was easy to abbreviate without misunderstanding.

It remained the medium for international scholarship until the seventeenth century. The Catholic church used in its services, so all burberry stuff liturgical books were written in this language until the Reformation in the sixteenth century.

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