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Media Musings Blog Archive Delta Delta Goodrem is not a racist.

There, I said it. Just thought you should know which side of this imprudent argumentI'm on before you read any further. Because, if you're the burberry outlet store online type to label Delta a racist because she tweeted a harmless photo; you're doing it wrong. If you haven't heard the hoo ha about Delta's 'blackface scandal' check out Cameron Adam's article. He was one of the first to break it and it will run you up to speed. Don't get me wrong, racism is wicked and I have no time for it or people who promote it. I'll never get the whole 'go back to where you came from' theory; it's based on dated and ill informed burberry stores worldwide opinions that only idiots agree with. What I have an issue with is the over use of the word 'racist' and the idea that acknowledging someone is of a different race is automatically racist. To me, that's awareness, not racism. So, four friends decided to dress up as the judges from The Voice (Ricky, Joel, Delta and Seal). They were all Caucasian men so they used their imagination to impersonate the celebrities who were a mix of different races. One guy dressed up as Delta in a blonde wig, another dressed as openly gay Ricky Martin; but they weren't criticized for being homophobic or sexist or even marginalizing transexuals. Only the white man painted in black with fake scars on his face (because Seal is BLACK WITH SCARS ON HIS FACE) was criticized. Last week, Delta retweeted the photo to her followers: Source: Delta Goodrem twitter burberry discount account To me, this was all in good fun and not aggressive or belligerent in any way, but for others, it was offensive and many took it as an opportunity attack Delta and brand her a racist through social media. Comedians criticise Delta. Source: Twitter Now, I may be a little bias, but I think it was just another excuse for all the Delta haters to hate. I'll never get the whole Delta hating thing, but that's for another day. Frankly, I think branding delta racist is an insult to the word and meaning behind it; by over using it, we render it worthless. Mishel Laurie andSunili Govinnage have opinions that differ to mine, but are some good reads and make some great points have a look and see where you stand. I am just so over all the over sensitive, political correct cry babies that have a hissy fit every time someone acknowledges difference in race, or sexuality, or religion anything! Of course, blackface is racist. But this isn't blackface. I believe there is a huge difference between painting your face black to mock an entire race and painting yourself black to respectfully dress up as someone who has black skin. But that's just my opinion, and now I'm probably a racist. blackface, delta goodrem, racist, Social media, The Voice, twitter Posted under: Blogging, Media ethics, Multimedia journalism, Social media Dated: May 17 2013 I agree in you saying that Delta Goodrem isn racist because I don believe she harbours any prejudice against black people (or at least said or done anything to make the public believe otherwise) However, I must agree with Lauren when she says that you don get to decide what is racist, the same way you cannot decide what is or isn offensive to people and therefore police how people should react over a very taboo and sensitive subject. Think Hey Hey It Saturday. Think Tropic Thunder. Even think of the criticism Prince Harry received after the costume thing Excuse my political correctness, I try not to cry too loud when something else offends me. This is such a rubbish article. Is Delta a racist? Probably not, was the costume and the decision to tweet that photo racially insensitive of course it is! There is no way to paint your face black because it is disrespectful to ignore the history and context behind that action. To expect other people to live up to your expectation of what is and isn racist based on your position of privilege is ridiculous and racially insensitive in the extreme. Here the thing, if you as a culture minority that has been on the wrong end of the balance of power and endured discrimination as a result of that you in a very dangerous zone. You risk triggering and being symbolic of a past that we all trying to move on from, if you offend someone you bare the responsibility of that. Hi Anthony, Jack, Lauren shop burberry outlet online and Jeansuyat. thanks for your comments. It really good to get some different opinions going, after all, what is opinion writing for! I think you may have misinterpreted me however. or at least the idea of the article.

OF COURSE I can decide what is racist or not. it in my opinion. how can you tell me my opinion is wrong? It mine.

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