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Burberry court Trench Beige

Burberry court Trench Beige


love to help Conor produce a range of suits Legendary Irish tailor Louis Copeland has revealed he would like to work with UFC mega star Conor McGregor after the Dublin fighter revealed he has entered the tailoring business.

The Dublin designer spoke to the Herald in the wake of McGregor's Las Vegas press conference on burberry final sale Tuesday night ahead of his boxing showdown with former five weight world champion Floyd Mayweather next month. McGregor (28) announced onstage that he has branched out into the suit making game during a tense first public meeting with the unbeaten Mayweather (40). Speaking yesterday, Louis said he hoped he would have "some say" in any McGregor suit line. "Hopefully if he is going to bring out his own range, he'd ask us to work with him," said Louis. "We looked after him when he was starting up and we still do a few suits for him, but we don't do all of them obviously because he's in America and burberry designer outlet he is being sponsored over there. "Hopefully if he is burberry bags going to do his own range he can work with us in Ireland." McGregor shocked and amused fans on Tuesday, when he revealed that the stripes on his pin striped suit spelled out "Fk you". McGregor himself described the knockout suit as a "cracker" and it certainly went down well during the trading of insults between the UFC hero and Mayweather, who has come out of retirement for the August 26 bout in Las Vegas. However, Louis burberry reduziert said the design would have to be "toned down" if he was to work alongside McGregor, saying his brand had nothing to do with the expletive laden suit. He explained it was probably a one off for McGregor's Las Vegas appearance.

"It's something he got in America, specially made for the press conference," he said. "We didn't do it anyway it's probably a little over the top! "Probably not the words I would have used." Nonetheless, the tailor was full of praise for McGregor's contributions to the fashion industry here, crediting him with boosting his brand's profile among a younger generation.

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