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Kerala and Punjab best states to live in India Pathanamthitta is around 2,500 km south of Patiala.

People in the two places speak entirely different languages, eat totally different food, wear completely different dresses and are as similar as chalk and cheese. Yet the states the two districts belong to Kerala and Punjab have one abiding commonality. They are the two best states in India to live in. That is if one counts only the large states. The north south uniformity replicates itself when it comes to smaller states. The second INDIA TODAY annual ranking of the best and worst states unravels many lesser known facets of life and burberry purse outlet work across India. The rationale: both states have chief ministers and elected assemblies. Adiverse universe of30 states made it logical to classify them into big and small. But such a classification is more complicated than it seems. For states with the smallest area aren't the states with the smallest populations. Logically the definition of a small state should include both area and population. So large states are classified as those whose area is greater than 35,000 sq km and whose population is greater than five million. Historical legacies impact a state's performance and thus its rankings more than the present administration. A lower ranked state may well have a better administration than a state ranked high. That doesn't make the rankings wrong. It only proves thatsomestates are being propelled to the top by their past. So if Punjab is the best big state, it only means that on a set of parameters Punjab is better than other burberry plaid big states in India. The state has indeed lots to improve. A better indicator of a state's absolute performance is its score, not the rank. Ranks can hide more than they reveal. For instance, two states may have scores of 2.01 and 2.00 on a factor and be ranked first and second. Punjab and Kerala are best big states. Delhi and Pondicherry are the best small states. Mizoram and Sikkim, the other top ranked small states can also be regarded as northern. Among the Union territories, Chandigarh and Lakshadweep walk away with the top honours. These two western states spend less on public heath and family welfare than do Himachal Pradesh or Punjab or Kerala. About 62 per cent of households in Gujarat and 64 per cent in Maharashtra have tap water as the principal source of water. In Himachal Pradesh 84 per cent of households and in Sikkim 70 per cent households have tap water. In basic education too, the average spread of services is better in many northern and southern states than in Maharashtra and Gujarat. infotech, retail, trade, media) is thriving. And the erstwhile magnets of manufacturing are no morethe best places to live in, even if they still offer large scale traditional jobs. The emergence of north as the consumption basket of India has helped the region pull in fresh investment. The industrial slowdown in the late 1990s, just when the service economy was booming, may have also pulled down the west. The no showof central and eastern Indian states in the top ranks is not a surprise. On an average every resident of Punjab carries a debt of Rs 8,500 four times the level of per capita debt in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In the social sector, Punjab is a bundle of contradictions. A high female literacy rate coexists with rampant female infanticide. Of the 10 districts with the worst sex ratio in the country, four are in Punjab. Agriculture is still the state's growth enzyme but the debt of farmers is on the rise. On the law and order front, Punjab may be a relatively safer place due to less physical crime but white collar crime is notoriously high. Kerala needs to use its manpower better Down south, God's Own Country has been unable to translate the best educated and most healthy people in India into productive economic agents. Kerala's relatively high per capita income is buoyed more by repatriations from the 10 million Malayalis living overseas than from incomes generated within the state. The message didn't go down too well with some big states. The best states to live in remain the relatively smaller states. Punjab and Kerala account for less than 6 per cent of the population of 20 big states. The best small state, Pondicherry, has a population of less than 10 lakh. In fact none of the 10 most populous states of India, which together comprise 84 per cent of the country's population, are among the top two rankers on any of the parameters. Last year, Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has advocated breaking up Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh into more manageable units. Experience has been encouraging.

Their small geography makes access to basic services hospital, schools, roads easier burberry outlet online sat?? for people. That matters a lot since this study places almost equal importance on adequacy and availability burberry bag sale online of amenities. Of course, it helps if the state makes an extra effort to improve their availability.

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