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It can be tricky qualifying for a disability c St.

Catharines No one wants to have a disability. It can be something physical that shows, or one that doesn't, but it is something that burberry purchase doesn't let you do what you'd like to do. It impairs your quality of life. It changes things. And, it can be costly. I've said this before but people still ask. The federal government allows people with disabilities a disability tax credit (DTC) BUT you have to apply for it, and to do that you need to ask your doctor to fill out form T2201 Disability Tax Certificate, stating that you meet certain conditions. The form is available on line in a variety of formats or by telephone at 1 800 959 2221. If you ask for the Disability Tax Package RC4064, you'll also get a medical and disability related guide. Or, you can go to the St. Catharines Tax Services office at 32 Church St. where the form should be on the self serve display rack. Do you qualify? That can be tricky. An impairment is prolonged if it has lasted, or expected to last, for a continuous period of at least 12 months." A person using a wheelchair or who is blind or deaf, or has severe problems speaking, breathing, dressing, feeding oneself or elimination difficulties (bowel and bladder) or cannot perform the mental functions for everyday life, would qualify. According to Angela Browne, a local paralegal, who works with people who are disabled and having difficulty qualifying for the DTC, episodic disabilities such as HIV/AIDS, a bipolar disorder and sometimes MS are not included because they are not an ever present condition or considered severe enough to be deemed markedly restrictive. And, if you've lost your drivers' licence because of epilepsy, chronic fatigue, or a heart condition, you're likely not eligible either. She said if you have multiple conditions or can get several practitioners such as an occupational therapist or physiotherapist and your doctor to back up your claim, you may have a better chance to qualify. The tax credit for 2009 was $7,196. That helps if you're buying things to make life easier because of your disability. My personal list includes a TeleStik to help me retrieve the million and one things I drop, the Clapper Plus to let me turn the light on over my computer without struggling to stand up, a gel pad for my scooter seat and a vibrating cushion for my back because I work on my scooter at my burberry scarf outlet price computer almost every day. Alterations to clothing so I can do up zippers, pull up slacks and close jackets with my weak hands are a must. Supplements that help keep me healthy but aren't covered by any plan, anywhere, average about $125 a month. I've recently had to buy Dragon Dictate because I can no longer type using my hands. And, I need a new scooter. Even with help from the government's Assistive Devices Program and the Canadian Muscular Dystrophy Association, I'll end up paying anywhere from $600 $1,000. for burberry g√ľnstig a special seat. "Doctors are the gateway to getting your DTC, "Ms. Browne said. "They don't want to be caught up in this but they are. A GP might sign the form saying you have severe heart problems while another may want a heart specialist burberry trench coat sale to do it. You never know." But, in the end, I'm told by the Canada Revenue Agency, it's up to their Disability Tax Credit Unit to decide if you qualify or not. Even if you don't have taxable income you can still apply for the DTC and, if approved, you can apply for the tax free Registered Disability Savings Plan whereby others can contribute to your long term welfare, and you could qualify for a free annual Canada Disability Savings Bond paid for by the government whether or not anyone contributes to your plan that taxation year.

It's definitely worth going for. For more information on the DTC and other benefits go to: and about children with disabilities: Lisa Bendall of Toronto has put together a spanking new Yahoo group called Freewheels that's for anyone in the 905 and 416 areas interested in posting or reading messages about gently used disability related equipment and devices. By subscribing to this group, we'll all have an opportunity to swap, donate, buy, sell or make a request for free (or modestly priced) used disability related equipment and devices that are no longer needed.

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