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Jill Scott on losing 50 pounds : I in a good place Singer and actress Jill Scott is experimenting with her sound on her first album in four years, burberry outlet london "The Light of the Sun," and she's also showing off a new physique.

The songstress tells the June burberry outlet women issue of Ebony that she slimmed down with the help of a trainer who knew how to keep workouts playful. "We go outside and throw footballs, go for walks." Scott adds that she truly a good place. past caring about some things that never mattered in the first place and [I in love with my baby boy, she says. also unafraid. I know how much music has always meant to me, how much it means to us all, and I know there's someone out there, maybe just one someone, who can feel inspired by being brave." Something else that surely inspires others are the copious compliments Scott bestows on those she comes across. "I just think it's silly to be stingy with compliments, she tells Ebony. you see someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know? I love faces, but I like to take in people in general. I'm a world class people watcher. I like to watch people's body movements, their expressions. It says so much about them."February 1, 2013 at 10:40 am I like what Ms Scott say when she refers to perhaps she is empowering someone to be brave, when it came to how she took on her nemesis of the unhealthy lifestyle of being overweight. This is something that is not only attacking your physical health, but it also can have an impact on your mental and psycological well being too! Thank you Ms. Scott for being a champion against a thing that is liken unto a giant in the lives of many people. And, it is an enemy that attacks people no matter if they are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, black or white, in has no respect of person. So my sister, you are a heroine for all of us, keep up the good work. May God continue to use you to be a blessing in your own life, and in the lives of others also. February 9, 2012 at 5:09 am It the end of days. Believe it or not you been living strong through John the Baptist's prophecy in Revelations. If you have any questions, you can rely on Christ to provide any answers you need if you haven received them already, please don't forget the power of prayer and the strength he can provide for you now that he's here on earth. Our organization is dedicated to helping people find a Church that's perfect for them [we can get you free video of any service world wide], or even a charity that they can offer some money or even volunteer time too. This message and our websites have been created by a prophetic man named Jon Pierson; as he has been able to be aided by Christ and God. He is currently still dealing with attacks from the devil that have created road block that are getting in the way of his burberry clothing clearance path towards the life he would want to burberry jacket outlet price have and his plans to help other out. We look forward to meeting with you and hearing your testimony about what you've been through and your plans for the future. Share this comment/website and earn money towards a donation to your favorite charity or Church[$1.00] just make sure the person contacts us with your email address or phone in order to retrieve your gift. This is a disappointment. She was drop dead gorgeous before, now she is trying to conform to an external norm. I am sure she would insist, if asked, that entertainment industry pressure had nothing to do with her decision to lose so much weight. I am sure she would be sincere in saying that. I also think that she is so immersed in the industry she may be unable to step back and understand the forces working on her. It is quite possible to be built and healthy. She was never at an unhealthy weight IMHO. She always looked like what a woman is supposed to look like. It her decision but I will mourn the loss of the stunning beauty of the traditionally built Jill. May 17, 2011 at 2:34 pm First, while I would tend to agree that managing one weight is very much within most people ability (injuries and glandular disorders aside), let not pretend that everyone is on a level playing field. For instance, I have two friends who are brothers from a very overweight family.

One is obese, the other is not. The strange part is that the one who somehow managed to remain thin all his life, is the one that sits on his butt smoking pot, playing video games, and eating high calorie foods all day. His brother, on the other hand, has to really work at it (and has seen great success in losing weight!).

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