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Burberry Nova Check Sacs

Burberry Nova Check Sacs


Media Musings Blog Archive Does a Unable to think of a topic for my blog this morning (to be honest I still haven't really got a topic for my blog) I burberry scarf us decided I would crowd source for ideas.

burberry outlet seattle Like any social media dependent young person I took to Facebook and asked my friends. It was all very meta. Yes, I may be lazy, but I am also not alone in this approach to gathering content. In fact I'm burberry fabric never burberry sale for men shirts really alone at all because I am constantly connected to my shiny little pal the iPhone, like some kind of Joborg. An article in Wednesday's Herald Sun discussed the findings of a survey on Australian's use of smart phones. Young Australians (16 to 24) spent the equivalent of 29 days a year on their phones, like something out of Paul Jenning's Gizmo. 62 per cent of Australians now use smart phones. A picture from iPhone of my housemate on his iPhone at breakfast this morning As we have well and truly established by now, social media and tiny technologies have changed the way we live our lives, interact and gather information. They also change the way that we disseminate information and news. In his 2011 TED Talk, journalist Paul Lewis discusses citizen journalism and crowd sourcing the news. He made the point that in this era where news making can be done by anyone with a phone in their hand, for the journalist it means "accepting that you can't know everything and allowing other people through technology to be your eyes and your ears.

" It also means that ordinary people can actively participate in the news and hold powerful organisations to account. But if any one can do it how does one continue to make a living out of journalism? Monday's episode of Media Watch returned to the issue. Paul Barry did not have the answer and alas nor do I (22 minutes before wrapping up my Journalism degree).

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