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Burberry London Down Jacket avec capuchon de fourrure bleue

Burberry London Down Jacket avec capuchon de fourrure bleue


Media Musings Blog Archive Culture wins over child There is little doubt in my mind that if a child doesn't have the proper care to flourish, there should be intervention.

For parents and guardians, it can take all different measure, sometimes it's only education, maybe counselling. There is no what department stores sell burberry handbook to becoming a parent. I can understand, sometimes it can take a little help. But sometimes the state should intervene and find a family who will love and care for the child. Leigh Swift and Yvonne Mudford have fallen in love with a beautiful aboriginal girl, Mikala. They came to know and care for her when their neighbour, Mikala's mother asked them to look after her while she was drinking, burberry outlet en ligne which unfortunately was at least four times a week. Leigh Swift and Yvonne Mudford would be overjoyed to have Mikala in their full time care, however cannot, due to Leigh's age, who is 54. Law states that you can only have 50 years difference between the child and applicant. Mikala has just turned four. Mikala was then given to her Aunt, but unfortunately it was the same fate. Mikala was still in the care of Leigh and Yvonne while her Aunt was drinking, three to four times a week. After which, Mikala's mother asked Yvonne and Leigh to "grow her up". But, here's the heart breaker, Mikala's mother then asked for her back. Now, Her mother misuses alcohol, her aunt misuses alcohol. of academic journals and studies to suggest that this isn't in the best interest for the child. There is a study which show the results of children who grow up in alcohol abusive homes. The results suggest, when a mother is alcohol dependent, the child is more likely to attempt suicide, have a drug addiction, burberry tasker outlet be a teen mother and a shocking 23.8% more likely to have a parent commit suicide. Now, if that isn't damaging enough to a child. What is? Yvonne and Leigh can't adopt Mikala because of Leigh's age, but also because they are white Australian's. It's the argument that Yvonne and Leigh can't carry on aboriginal culture to Mikala. Leigh's defence is "what culture?" and to an extent, I agree. But, how can an alcoholic respectively carry on their culture to their child. If they had a family member willing to care for Mikala who did not abuse alcohol, so be it. Mikala could have a happy life, learn and respect aboriginal culture and carry that onto her children. However, that's not the case for Mikala. In the interest of the child's life, happiness and well being, shouldn't this be a case by case argument? Not just, "they don't share the burberry pattern same culture, so no way.

" Mikala has a family who loves her and would be overjoyed to have her in her home. But race and culture separates this happy family. We're not respecting culture here, we're not even respecting the right for Mikala to have a happy childhood.

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