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Burberry Hommes Hat Red Jacket

Burberry Hommes Hat Red Jacket


Media Musings Blog Archive Buddy sick of it When Buddy lost his license in August of this year, and media hounds were camped outside his house for over a week started to get a bit over Melbourne, Pickering said.

He framed Buddy as a victim of his own stardom, and Sydney as the peaceful refuge from the ruthless bubble in which the player had become trapped.You wonder if a certain $10 million deal, the most lucrative player contract in AFL history, had more to do with the lure of Sydney than a nasty Melbourne media.But Pickering and Buddy have a point. And now is the perfect time to make it. AFL season is over. Done for another year. Yet bitchy trade talk continues to saturate Melbourne media.Buddy deal alone has dominated two out of five of the front pages headlines from the Age since the grand final. Ridiculous comments from Mick Malthouse comparing the AFL climate to the Russia alluded to in George Orwell Nineteen Eighty Four are accepted as legitimate commentary in the conversation about salary caps and cost of living allowances for interstate clubs, fuelled by Sydney offer.Every year there is outrage amongst AFL dignitaries, sports commentators and journalists about trade deals that occupies far too much of Melbourne news space. If I were Buddy, or any high profile player being offered a significant amount of money to move clubs, I would be buddy sick of it too.The criticism whipped up in the trade deal media frenzy is usually concentrated on the club in question, not the player. But that doesn stop your average Joe Blow from picking up the paper, skimming over the words until they see Million next to a photoshopped image of Buddy in an unfamiliar red and white jersey, and lamenting the loyalty burberry outlet arizona and integrity sacrificed by a whole generation of AFL players.The fine print may say Sydney is the problem, by flaunting its cost of living allowance in order to make an attractive deal to a high profile player, but there is implication that Buddy is just as bad for sale burberry outlet buying into it. October 1, 2013Now you just some Buddy that I used to know.If your son/daughter/husband/wife came home with news of a promotion, you shake their hand, give them a burberry deals online hug and crack open the champagne. Buddy got a very decent promotion, and all you do is rile him.For Melbourne, footy is a passion. For Buddy, footy is a career.For Sydney, footy is a curious entity that makes Melburnians appear quaint and a little insane. Hopefully for Buddy, that means less time in the spotlight.

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