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Let's Talk Science Outreach Let's Talk Science (LTS) is a national charitable organization focused on supporting children and young adults through education and outreach.

LTS is scientifically literate and globally competitive through innovative educational programs, research and advocacy. Founded in 1991 at the University of Western Ontario, now McMaster University is among over 40 host universities and colleges across Canada participating actively in promoting science literacy and awareness through the Let's Talk Science ideology. Additionally, through other provincial partnerships, Let's Talk Science programs reach a wide audience nationally, and creates unique hands on activities that engage students from kindergarten to grade 12, more than half of whom are girls. Let's Talk Science strives to improve Science literacy through leadership, innovative educational programs, research and advocacy. We motivate and empower youth to use science, technology and engineering to develop critical skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to thrive in our world. In addition, our research has shown that children become more interested in STEM fields after attending LTS events. They are more aware of the number of jobs that require STEM knowledge, and they recognize that their career prospects can be improved through STEM education even if they choose not to pursue a STEM field. At our local site, programming is organized burberry online shop by local site coordinators. Local coordination allows us to better cater to our community's specific needs while being supported by the national team. Governance of the Program at McMaster Let's Talk Science McMaster recognizes and thanks the continual support recieved from McMaster's Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Health Sciences. Candidate, Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences After finishing her undergraduate degree in Nutrition at the Universit de Montral, Maude moved to Guelph to complete her Master's degree. That'swhere she started to volunteer with Let's Talk Science, and got hooked! Moving to McMaster university for her PhD, she continued volunteering and sharing her passion for science. Since 2015, she has been one of the coordinators for the Let's Talk Science outreach site at McMaster. Maude works towarsd building strong links between Faculty and students at McMaster and educators and leaders burberry dress sale in the broad Hamilton community. Student, Health Sciences Education, Faculty of Health Sciences Portia completed her BSc in Biochemistry Molecular Biology at Trent University and then went to Guelph to do coursework MSc in Human Health Nutritional Sciences. At Guelph, she started volunteering with Let's Talk Science and realized how passionate she was about science outreach. After her coursework MSc, Portia moved to McMaster to do thesis based MSc in Health Science Education. She continued to volunteer with Let's Talk Science and won the National Volunteer of the Year Award, for her involvement. She became a coordinator for McMaster outreach site in May 2016 and hopes to pass her enthusiasm for science outreach on to students at McMaster. Candidate, Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences Having completed her HBSc in Life Sciences at McMaster University and currently completing her PhD in Molecular Medicine and Pathology at McMaster, Irena is a Hamiltonian to the core! Irena began volunteering with Let's Talk Science as an undergraduate student, and instantly fell in love with the organization. She became a coordinator for Let's Talk Science at McMaster in May of 2016 and looks forward to sharing her passion for science and love for teaching with children in the community. When she isn't volunteering or conducting research in the lab, Irena, a proud member of the Ukranian community, loves to travel and spend time outdoors. student, Integrated Science, Faculty of Science Leena is currently pursuing her undergraduate education at McMaster University in the Integrated Science program with a concentration in Biology. Leena is a dedicated Hamiltonian, and has always been interested in helping her community. When she discovered the Let's Talk Science organization and its focus on science, teaching, and community, she could not wait to join. Leena started as a member of the planning burberry dog collar team for the Let's Talk Science Challenge and as a community outreach program volunteer. In July of 2016, Leena became the Manager of Social Media and Communications and is looking forward to contributing to the McMaster and Hamilton community and the Let's Talk Science team. Student, Computing and Software, Faculty of Engineering Vinay is a Software Engineering Masters student working in brain analysis and signal processing. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering from McMaster University. Vinay began volunteering with Let's Talk Science to vent his inner desire to talk about science, and became part of the coordinator team in September 2016.

For the 2015 2016 year, LTS volunteers have reached out to 7384 children over the course of 182 activities in Hamilton and its surrounding areas, including Brantford, Simcoe, Burlington, Oakville, and the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve. Let's Talk Science volunteers at McMaster are made up of undergraduate students (36%), graduate students (59%), and professionals. They come from different backgrounds as well: 51% from the Faculty of Science 32% from the Faculty of Health Sciences 11% from the Faculty of Engineering Our volunteers deliver activities to classrooms and communities from our kit library on various STEM topics designed for children from kindergarden to grade burberry factory shop 12.

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