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Hommes Burberry Pull ras du cou noir V

Hommes Burberry Pull ras du cou noir V


Media Musings Blog Archive Democratic empowerment By Chloe Sesta Jacobs The rhetoric in Melbourne's major newspapers the day after Osama bin Laden was killed had very different impressions.

The Age claimed, "they got him", while The Herald Sun maintained, "we got him." Last week the Herald Sun's website published an article written by the father of a Bali bombing victim, titled 'I would have beat the hell out of Osama bin Laden'. David Stewart wrote highly emotive, short and sharp sentences detailing his delight in the al Qaeda leader's death and his incredulity in those saying he shouldn't have been killed. A lot of people like Stewart, directly affected by the acts of al Qaeda and other affiliated terrorist networks, find comfort in knowing a man as so "evil" is no longer able to walk the Earth. By burberry official site sale saying, "now they've got to go after his second and third and fourth and fifth people", Stewart is missing the point. Sure, bin Laden himself won't kill any more innocent civilians, but there will always be someone to take his place in orchestrating hatred on a catastrophic level. The "hot topic" in the opinion page of the Herald Sun the next day discount burberry mens shirts was buy burberry coat Stewart's article, with the newspaper deciding to only publish replies supporting his view.

Is this a matter of letting this grieving man have his moment in the spotlight, or is it silencing his critics because the newspaper ultimately sides with his views? One point that Stewart, as well as a lot of major news organisations, has failed to put a lot of emphasis on is the number of innocent civilians killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in the nine and a half where to buy burberry clothes years since 9/11. Do they not matter as much as the innocent Western civilians killed in the terrorist attacks perpetrated by al Qaeda? Journalist Jill Singer, also writing for The Herald Sun, provided a much more reflective, rather than reactive opinion when describing the reaction of a man named Simon Kennedy, whose mother was killed when her hijacked flight crashed into the Pentagon. Kennedy would much rather have seen bin Laden put on trial for crimes against humanity, an opinion which has been slammed by many as being too "soft" and, to quote Stewart, "goodie goodie".

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