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Burberry Goose Down Jacket Men Bleu


Media Musings Blog Archive Don The horrific story of the rape of a 14 year old girl burberry blazer sale in Maryville, Missouri was published on the news website Gawker.

The story, according to Gawker and other news outlets, is the girl went to a party where she was given a drink that left her able to stand A senior on the high school football team, Matthew Barnett, raped her, while another male raped her 13 year old friend and a third male filmed the event. The police burberry official outlet online conducted an investigation and had enough evidence to charge the boys, however the local prosecutor astoundingly, dropped the charges. Many speculated it was because Barnett is the grandson of a former Missouri state representative. To make matters worse, the town turned on the girl family. They were inundated with threatening phone calls and eventually forced to return to Albany. While living back in Albany, the family house burnt down. This is an awful story but there are a few issues I have with it including unbalanced reporting, inciting a vigilante online campaign, but most significantly is its handling of reporting rape. While Gawker was clearly trying to highlight the injustice and cruelty this girl faced, there is a problem with the wording in the article. Let look at the headline: Gets Driven Out of Missouri Town After Daughter Gets Raped the word implies a complicity of the girl in the event. The girl didn get raped by Barnett. burberry brit usa Barnett raped her. I go to the shops to get a carton of milk.

I am the owner of the action and my intentions burberry official site usa are clear. While technically not incorrect, the use of the word makes Barnett invisible and does not make it clear that there is a person responsible for sexually assaulting the victim or survivor which is the preferred term recommended by the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma. The Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls Young Women released a fantastic guide for journalists on how to report rape and they say goal is to use accountable language that focuses attention on the person committing the crime culture and victim blaming is still a really huge issue in most of the world.

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