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Media Musings Blog Archive AFL silly season fills papers with rumour A time when every club wants something but is prepared to give nothing and burberry clothing clearance after talking in circles for five days will reach agreement in the last hour.

And, when it is all said and done, there is always more said than actually done. With burberry mens shirts outlet the introduction of free agency the exchange period has extended from one to three weeks long. Genius by the AFL. Despite the season being over, AFL hasn left the back page. During the season AFL coverage is predictable and rehearsed, every week is similar and match reports and soft news fill the pages. Given the tight rein on releasing news by the clubs, the saturation of the AFL media and the improving behavior of the AFL players, there is very little room for journalists to their news hound on and break some serious stories. That time is now. The hard news ability of sports journalists comes to the fore during the AFL exchange week. The sports pages of the Melbourne papers are filled with player X wanting to changes clubs and club Y making player Z an offer they can refuse. Yesterday it was coach X burning club Z for club Y when The Age, broke the GWS coaching succession plan before it was announced. It is the first time in the year I can remember picking up the paper and reading a story I didn know about. It exclusive time and as an AFL fan the best time of year to read the paper. With newspaper sales on the decline this reality is probably a strong indicator of the sort of coverage that will continue to sell newspapers. While some journalists are breaking good stories the competitiveness of the field means this breeds an environment where pure rumour and baseless stories can gain prominence. Just this morning The Australian are reporting Carlton are making a play for Demon Jack Watts, burberry premium outlet fellow News Limited paper the Herald Sun have already written a counter story with the Carlton CEO saying is crap But who would know anyway. The clubs lie and the supporters really don know who to believe. This makes the role of the newspapers even more important, people need to pick up the paper and read facts and know what they are reading is gospel. In their time to shine journalists are throwing darts but half are missing the board. AFL, Free agency, Herald Sun, Jack Watts, The Age, Trade Posted under: Blogging Dated: Oct 05 2012 Good headline and an interesting topic. You could improve the structure by moving the opinion essentially, your last sentence to earlier in the piece. Then use examples to back it up. An anecdote such as it being the first time this year you picked up the paper to find a story you didn already know about is a good way to start a post. Please write your byline at the top of the post. Watch your sentence structure there are a few run on sentences in here (keep them short and sweet). One of your links doesn work (Jack Watts) and you need to pay close attention to spelling, style and grammar. I guessing the by line at the top should be Adam Baldwin? Would you believe me if I said I started writing my blog on the exact same thing last week but changed my mind at the last minute? Michelle would have thought we had colluded. Great sporting minds think alike. Anyway, have you listened to the Crocmedia produced Trade Week Radio? They are broadcasting mostly utter crap for the two hours that they are on air a day. You right that some quality stories get broken mostly it just complete crap and speculation what the AFL wants to keep the sport in the headlines even though the season finished two weeks ago. If i was in the marketing department of Cricket Australia or the FFA, I would be upset with the lack of coverage that the start of my respective sporting season gets.

The AFL plays on the fact that player movement and speculation sells papers. Do you think that burberry ?????? Cricket Australia or FFA could develop a marketing campaign designed to mock the three week long player exchange period? Would probably start a war between codes and we all know who would win that. The AFL is all powerful and Andy D knows exactly how to extract every bit of publicity that he craves.

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