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Burberry Homme simple boucle ardillon Ceinture noire


Media Musings Blog Archive Billionaire Everyone hates a billionaire they don know and love a billionaire they do know.

I can understand why, but I think the media are beginning to paint Australia mega rich too much as soulless, domineering figures who won let anything stand in their way. Clive Palmer (please don sue me) has been in the spotlight recently for announcing many things so extravagant that only a billionaire could have enough power to stick to his word. Clive Palmer had been labelled an "eccentric" and "outspoken" man. Not exactly unique qualities. Picture courtesy of Brisbane Times. He pulled his Gold Coast United soccer team out of the A League, set up his own soccer organisation, announced plans to run for his local electorate and decided to build a ship named after the infamous Titanic. These are just the more noteworthy ideas set out by the eccentric magnate. Many might say that he has created his own media hype and how one reads it is completely up to them. But in an Clive Palmer article today on the ABC news website, it takes an angle on the story in a way that makes him look greedy and relentless in his strive for more money. Palmer defends his decision to build a mine where a state reserve currently is situated because of the poor state of the reserve. A person could easily be drawn to his lack of care for the environment, when really he only gives scientific and rational arguments as to why his $8 billion mining development should be allowed to go ahead. This is in much the same vein as Australia richest woman Gina Rinehart has been perceived after she took up roughly 10 per cent of Fairfax shares earlier this year. These people may be burberry discount powerful, relentless in their endeavours for wealth and do things that most of us scoff at because it seems outrageous and bombastic, but it time for the media to realise that just because they are rich, it doesn mean that they are ruthless, conniving and don give a second thought to the widespread community. Gina Rinehart is a philanthropist who was inducted into the UN Women Australian Hall of Fame for her work. Clive Palmer pledged $100 million from his company to establish a new foundation for medical research in WA and for support of indigenous communities in the Pilbara. In 2010, Clive burberry luggage outlet Palmer spent $10 million on his employees Christmas bonuses. Gifts included a fleet of 77 Mercedes Benz and more than 700 overseas holidays. Picture courtesy of The Courier Mail. So when you next read an article and think what a soulless burberry scarf bastard! do a little research and you might see that they aren that bad. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed Wednesday that he received a letter from New England owner Robert Kraft, who urged the league to overturn the penalties 2015 hot jerseys related to last year deflated football scandal. did receive a letter from Robert Kraft a few weeks back, Goodell 2016 New Jerseys told reporters at the NFL Annual Meeting.

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