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James Packer faces 'preposterous' Macau situation Mr Wynn, who plans to open a new Macau casino in March 2016, issued his most strongly worded comments about the industry wide issue on Friday and burberry rain boots outlet online saidhe was frustrated by the lack of clarity from Chinese and Macau regulators over table allocations.

"The notion that a person who spent $US2.5 billion I'm talking about Melco now would not know how many tables they're going tohave three weeks before they open is so preposterous that it's worthy ofcomment," said Mr Wynn in a third quarter earnings call on Friday. "My frustration is on behalf of our colleagues atMelco who made commitments for 400 tables. Why on earth they have to dealwith half as many is beyond burberry sale items my anything that I can understand in the 45years of experience I've had. It isn't good for Macau. The policy was introduced to createa more diversified tourism offeringasBeijing cracks down onfraudulent activity and illegal cash flowing across the border But Mr Wynn said the table cap allocation was counter productive and would have had a negative impact had it beenintroduced in Las Vegas. "Here in America, we would never have a Las Vegas of thediversity we've had if the city had told us how many tables we could spread," said Mr Wynn. "The table cap is the single most counter intuitive and irrational decisionthat was ever made. Here we are spending billions of dollars creatingnon gaming facilities, and then arbitrarily someone says, well you shouldonly have this many tables. No jurisdiction ever has imposed that kindof logic on us." "Thehospitality profile of the city will be severelycompromised, and that will take years to recover. Years," he said. "You only get onechance to make a good impression. And if you bogey that impression, if youblow it, it's a long time to fix it and maybe never. What is burberry coat outlet important isthat the Macau market as it's viewed by the world never loses its viability, because the day that it burberry outlet online store real loses its viability, it will lose its long termlongevity and the entire thing gets really damaged, severely. And that willimpact the community of Macau in a very negative way.

" Melco's Studio City aims to attract a more family friendly crowd, with a mix of Warner Brothers themed rides, aBatmanflight simulator and Asia's highest ferris wheel, set between two art deco hotel towers. Mr Wynn acknowledgedthe industry is going to enormous lengths to build non gaming facilities, but said the government'sclampdown on the casino part of the equationmissed the fact that one of the attractions of travelling to Macau was its gambling offering. Wynn's Macau third quarternet revenue fell by 38 per cent to $US585 million as its earnings from VIP gamblers fell sharply.

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