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Burberry Sacs en cuir beige


June 2017 Although more than 20 percent of Canadians are living with mental illness, many do not seek help because they fear the reaction from their friends, family and co workers.

In a continuing effort to break the stigma of mental illness, Bluewater Health Foundation is thrilled that Michael Landsberg will be the guest of honour and keynote speaker at the 2017 Tribute Gala. In addition to the gala event, Michael will also be burberry final sale sharing his important SickNot Weak message with thousands of youth from across the Sarnia Lambton community. It is our hope that Michael?s message will resonate with our youth and gala attendees and encourage them to keep the conversation going and help end the stigma around mental illness. Talking is the first step towards meaningful change and building greater awareness, acceptance, and action. Michael Landsberg was the charismatic and outspoken host of TSN?s Off the Record? and from watching his show, you?d never guess that he has been battling mental illness, specifically depression, for most of his life. Lifting the stigma from this topic, Landsberg delivers a powerful and personal keynote on the dangerously misunderstood issues of depression and mental health. Depression can affect even the most successful of athletes? from Clara Hughes, one of the great amateur athletes in Canada, to four time World Series winner Darryl Strawberry. Landsberg shares the story of his own battle with mental illness, as well as the unexplored stories of some of the world?s most recognizable sports figures, to show us that recovery, strength and hope are possible in some of our darkest times. As a depression sufferer, Michael Landsberg understands first hand the lack of community when it comes to mental illness which is why in 2013, he created SickNot Weak. SickNotWeak aims to create a community that reduces the loneliness and hopelessness of both those who have mental health illnesses and the people who care for them. Michael uses burberry wallet sale his own experiences to encourage others to share their stories and personal experiences trenchcoat burberry outlet and to provide a forum for safe discussion. You can be sick and not weak, but you can also be sick and strong.? We know Michael?s SickNotWeak message will bring awareness and hope to so many in our community. Proceeds from the gala will benefit the important work of Bluewater Health?s Mental Health and Addictions Services program. Bluewater Health has a 27 bed inpatient psychiatry unit, 24/7 crisis intervention, and outpatient consultations and follow burberry skirt up treatment with specialty services in child and youth, dual diagnosis and psychogeriatric. Its Assertive Community Treatment program is a community based model of care for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

The Mental Health program also offers withdrawal management, addiction and problem gambling services. 27 % of Canadians are fearful of being around people who suffer from SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS 20 % of Canadians will PERSONALLY EXPERIENCE a mental illness in their lifetime Once depression is recognized, can make a help difference for 80 % of the people affected, allowing them to get back to their REGULAR ACTIVITIES. In any given year, 1in 5 CANADIANS experiences a MENTAL HEALTH or addiction problem MENTAL illness is a leading cause of DISABILITY in Canada THANK YOU! Thank You to Outgoing Board Members Page 4 Bluewater Health Honours Service, Excellence Page 7.

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