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Burberry Nova Check Noble Sling Sacs


Martin talks 'Game of Thrones' as the HBO show's 'Daenerys' departs Martin has plans for a Chicago landmark.

When he was visiting the city a couple of years ago, he was shocked at the state of the once grand Uptown Theatre, which was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 but was recently listed for the third time on Landmarks Illinois roster of the "10 Most Endangered" structures. "It was like, women in cages. You know, Roger Corman kind of stuff," Martin recalled during burberry factory shop online a recent lunch at the Berghoff. "You'd go into this theater and they had like 5,000 seats and there'd be 12 people in there, you know? So I'd be sitting all alone, surrounded by acres of empty seats. But you could just look and see the magnificent balconies on balconies and the boxes along the side. I love that stuff." Alas, the novel that Martin wants to write, which will be set at a theater like the Uptown, will have to wait. Earlier in April, he made time to promote the new Avatar comic book series based on his 1982 vampire novel "Fevre Dream" at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. But most of the time, he home in New Mexico, trying to cross off things on his "To Do" list. Martin is in the midst of finishing "A Dance with Dragons," the fifth novel of a planned seven novel fantasy book series (the saga as a whole is called "A Song of Ice and Fire"). What Martin series, which is set in a world of knights and dragons, does extremely well is unite the epic and the personal: There are sweeping battles and ancient grudges between noble families, but once you begin reading the books, you will probably find yourself caring most deeply about the fate of a spunky young girl named Arya. Weiss. Martin will write the eighth script of the 10 episode first season, which is expected to debut early next year. The "Thrones" pilot, which stars Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Mark Addy, Nikolaj Coster Waldau and Sean Bean, was shot last year in Northern Ireland and Morocco, and filming in and around Belfast resumes this summer. Some scenes from the pilot will have to be reshot thanks to cast changes: HBO has confirmed that the role of an exiled noblewoman, Daenerys Targaryen, is being recast and Tamzin Merchant will not play that role in the series. In March it was announced that Jennifer Ehle has dropped out of the project and Michelle Fairley has taken over the role of noblewoman Catelyn Stark. It not unusual for a work of fiction to be adapted into a television series. "They call it development hell for a reason," Martin said with a laugh. Though he enjoyed the speed of television storytelling writing a script and having it appear on screen weeks later the overall experience, especially the brutal way a well received official burberry outlet pilot called "Doorways" was rejected after a early 90s executive shuffle at ABC, "took the heart out" of him. At the end of his decade in Hollywood, "I decided I just couldn't do that anymore. It was just too psychologically frustrating," Martin said. He turned to writing the "Ice and Fire" novels, which are full of battles, feasts and settings that would induce heart attacks in television bean counters. That partly the point. "My scripts were always too long, they were always too expensive. I was always having to cut them," Martin said. "So when I went back to books, I said, don care about any of that any more. I going to write a story that going to be as gigantic a story as I want. I going to have hundreds of characters, gigantic battles, magnificent castles and vistas all the things I couldn do in burberry factory shop online television. Once Martin novels began climbing the bestseller charts, Hollywood film studios "came sniffing around," he said. "We got a number of inquiries and basically, I told my agents, no," Martin said. "Because I didn't see how they could possibly be done as a feature film." To do justice to the book series, film studios would have to commit to multiple films, "and that wasn't going to happen," he said. Most television networks were also not an option. "I knew that the limitations of budgets and the censorship limitations. I know it's loosened up some since I was active in the '80's and '90's, but I can still remember the fights with Standards and Practices and censors about the sex and violence. And the books are full of sex and violence. I didn't want some watered down, bowdlerized version of this," Martin said. But when Benioff, Weiss and HBO approached him about a television series and the current plan calls for each season to tell the story of one "Ice and Fire" book he was interested. "[HBO] had done shows like and and Sopranos and that was the kind of thing I saw this as," Martin said. Indeed, if the "Thrones" team does this right, there every chance that this series could do for small screen fantasy what "Battlestar Galactica" did for science fiction on TV: Create a world so rich, complex and compelling that any preconceived notions audiences might burberry outlet online shop have about the "genre" label will fall away. For his part, Martin is glad that the television industry has caught up with his vision, and despite his best efforts to not get too excited about the "Thrones" project, he said he got "very jazzed" when he was on set for the pilot shoot last year.

One thing Benioff and Weiss are not familiar with, however, is the intensity of genre communities devoted to particular entertainment properties. "When Linda Hamilton left the show and we had to recast, half of them turned against us viciously. You know, love can quickly turn to hate, so that can make you nervous," Martin said.

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