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Media Musings Blog Archive ACMA These are two phrases commonly placed in the same sentence to describe ACMA.

There been whisperings containing the same negative sentiment about ACMA this month, after the regulator ruled Media Watch breached its own code of conduct after failing to give The Daily Telegraph reporter Andrew Clennell a right of reply to a previous episode report into Norwegian gaming machines. ACMA said the show host, respected journalist Jonathan Holmes, should make an on air apology, a decision Jonathan Holmes accepted, and followed through with on Twitter. Just an apology. No fine, no warning, nothing else. This ACMA ruling was one of the more placid rulings of the year. Admittedly it was hardly controversial (well, at least to everyone except Andrew Clennell), but it was yet another decision that brought the media regulator into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In June this year, ACMA where can i buy burberry found infamous 2GB shock jock Alan Jones did not breach the Australian radio industry code of ethics when he repeatedly called for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to be in a chaff bag and dumped burberry factory outlet london at sea. ACMA ruling on Alan Jones "chaff bag" comments. Source: ACMA website In an absolutely misguided and disappointing decision, ACMA said Alan Jones not incite violence or hatred based on age, gender, race or other characteristics well that OK then. Nothing to worry about, hey ACMA? It was only a figure of speech, right? It was just the Prime Minister he was talking about, no big deal. Adding to its critics growing arsenal of nasty gibes, in May this year burberry sell ACMA yet again failed to act out its role as a media regulator by only imposing a second burberry outlet md license condition on 2Day FM Kyle Sandilands after he called a female journalist a slag and of shit on air. No, Kyle wasn forced off air for his sexist and abusive remarks. All he had to do was go to a training session. Yes, the kitten roared very loudly that day.

Radio broadcaster Kyle Sandilands. Source: The Daily Telegraph So what should be done about ACMA? Should we just let it limp along and wait for the next predictably weak decision? Should we just accept that it will never really be a major player in the regulation of the Australian media and move on? When it comes to the watchdog role, I know I far more likely to listen to what Media Watch has to say over ACMA. When you trust a TV show over a government funded media regulator, there something weird going on.

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