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Burberry London Trench Beige


It's Scarlett's world I will rework the blog name and pictures to include Miss Sassy Sophie but for now, without further ado, let me oil those squeaky writing joints with a little note about most recent milestone.

I thought it would be something fun for youa little physical activity, a little socialization, a little instruction. I mean, after all, you had just turned 3, and I didn't have very high expectations. In fact, I wouldn't have considered ballet tap dancing for you at all, had it not been for Grandma signing you up (with our consent, of course).For 8 months, you spent 45 minutes a week in a tiny little dance studio. On the first day, Grandma and I both came to drop you off, and I nearly panicked when I wasn't allowed in the room with you. I didn't know how you'd react, but I assumed you'd react with your very best meltdown. I had my own meltdown, mentally, of course. You'd never been left in anyone's care but close familyand now I was to trust a dance instructor who'd I never met with your care.Would you cry?Would you wonder why I wasn't there?Would you be scared?That day,, was the first official time you proved your resilience and bravery. While I wrung my hands with worry, you were being introduced to the very basic, beginning concepts of classroom dance.And you didn't cry.So for 8 months, you went to class. 45 minutes a week. That was all you needed to let your Great Big Personality grow even bigger. You'd come home and sing us the songs, show us the dances. Your dad burberry raincoat outlet and I grabbed the video camera every time you chose to give us a sliver of sight into your little dance world.Several months ago, I heard the word "recital". How exciting. I figured we'd crowd into the little studio for a 3 minute rendition of whatever dance you've mastered.Then I burberry europe online started to hear the instructor talk about costumes, tickets, flowers, a real theater, theatersand still, I was ignorant enough to believe this was no big deal.As the recital date crept closer, that anxiety returned, and I was wrecked with worry. Especially when I saw what was expected of you, a mere 3 year old.I had to drop you off early, leave you backstage for several hoursagain, without your mom and dad. We wouldn't be able to baby you, to coddle you, to look after you. I wouldn't be walking you onto that stage, holding your hand tight to mine. It's a different world up there, on stage. I've been there. Bright lights big crowds could scare anyone, especially one who's never been exposed to this world.In my almost 4 years of motherhood, I don't think my mama bear mentality ever kicked in as fiercely as it did, in the days leading up to this recital. I fretted about your behavior. I worried about your performance.And again, I was left with no choice but to trust a group of strangers who'd I never met with your care.Would you cry?Would you wonder why I wasn't there?Would you be scared?You proved it to me once before, so I should've known, my worrying would be for naught.You battled the frills and fuss for weeks leading up to the big daydidn't' want to be bothered with rehearsals, trial hair runs, costume fittings.But on recital day, you burberry shirts outlet online awoke with a calm that allowed me to breathe, without needing a paper bag.You didn't complain about Grandma fixing your tight bun.You stood still while we applied your (very heavy) makeup.You walked into that backstage room, said goodbye to us, and didn't look back.And I waited. Through a dozen other performances an intermission that seemed to grow longer with every breath. So many times, I wanted to run out of the theater find you backstage. To make sure you weren't thirstyor hungryor needed a mommy hug. To make sure you understood what was about to happen. My stomach was in knots even though you were in the same building, you felt like a million miles away.Then it was time. Out on stage came burberry outlet mall 8 little dancing bunnies. But I only had eyes for one.One bunny stood outand as I saw your big smile and confident pose, I felt the tension in my body relax, just so slightly.

For approximately 2 minutes, you wowed me with your smile, your dance moves, your enthusiasm. Even though I've seen you perform that dance a hundred times at home, you never put so much life into it as you did on stage. Before you departed the stage you flashed the audience your 1000 watt smile, waved and even blew some kisses I'd like to think in my general direction.

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