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Media Musings Blog Archive Clive Palmer in sunglasses By Alistair Walsh News Limited's Brisbane based Courier Mail had one of the best infographics I have ever seen on an Australian commercial news website complete with Clive Palmer dressed as a ship's captain.

The Courier Mail reported mining magnate and billionaire Clive Palmer has refused to pay a $333 speeding fine. It's a relatively quick and easy story that will get hits but hidden at the bottom burberry eu of the article was a burberry factory store online masterpiece of online journalism. Clive Palmer takes a holiday. Source: Courier Mail An interactive infographic describes the various backgrounds, peculiarities and stories about Mr Palmer in a most engaging way you hover over the "resort" tab and a small text box pops up describing his questionable dealings with a resort burberry handbags on sale in Coolum while Clive dons a sun hat and a beach ball. You hover over any other section and similar thing happens. We need to give just enough background to a reader to communicate the circumstances but not too much to bore them and up space. So what do we do with Clive Palmer? That man is a golden goose for journalists. The sheer number of bizarre stories that seem to centre on this man is astounding, but if every story written about him included even a quick history it would add 15 pars. I think this is why the inforgraphic they've produced is such an elegant solution. It really gives a great background to him without detracting from the story. It's entertaining, it's informative and it will garner hits. The story is being tweeted and retweeted. And while we're looking at recent infographics we can't skip The Guardian. Their infographics editor Paddy Allen is an absolute machine. He recently produced this infographic on the recovery of the burberry mens wallet outlet Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. I won't go into too much detail but it's well worth a look. Infographics are labor intensive, there's no doubt. But they can add a huge amount to a story.

In the case of the Courier Mail it's transformed a quite ordinary piece into a really engaging article. In the case of the Guardian it tells a quite complicated story in a much more interesting way. Infographics need not be part of every new story, but used sparingly and used well they can be the perfect way to tell a story.

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