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Interview with rising star From a young age we are taught to follow our dreams and listen to our hearts but what happens when your heart is leading you down a path that doesn't match your reality? In the case of Real Right you work hard to care for your family but you never turn your back on your dreams.

Staying focused and dedicated to the feeling that brought him back to music when times were tough is exactly what has lead him to an amazing partnership with CW One Entertainment LLC and unlimited possibilities. Real Right has used his struggle to motivate a positive change in his life and to inspire music that people can relate to. Filled with an enthusiasm that can't be broken, he is ready to take the world by storm with his electrifying hits! Real Right talks with Yo! Raps about how his remained positive during hard times and the importance of using the energy of his haters. You came from a rather tough environment, how did you remain positive with so much adversity around you? It wasn't easy at all, after seeing my pops get locked up at a young age and watching my mother struggle to provide for me and my brothers, it was very hard to stay positive, but no one's perfect, I slipped up a few times and did the wrong things but for the right reasons. If it weren't for my grandparents always helping out and me just being able to observe my mother turn most of our negatives into positives, I would probably be in jail or dead from roaming the streets. I thank my mother and grandparents for showing me right from wrong at an early age. In what ways did music help you cope with your struggles? Doing music felt like a shield for the moment, even though I still had to deal with my everyday problems, struggles, whatever I had to deal with; music was my escape route. It allowed me to express myself the way I wanted to with emotion, pain, love, anger, it really didn't matter at the moment, I was able to vent and get a lot of that weight off my shoulders. What did you learn from your upbringing that has helped you navigate the music business? I was told burberry outlet florida that, it's better to have tried and fail then to have not tried at all. Because you can learn from your mistakes and do it again and again until you get it right. I was also told to watch your enemy's close and your friends even closer. So with that being said, I know for a fact that this music business can be shady and it have its ups and its downs but its all how you move in the game, you have to play the game and not let the game play you. How does being a father encourage your music if at all? If I go hard already, my kids encourage me to go harder and really give it my all, even though I don't make the type of music for their age. But it's what I teach them, not to ever give up and if you want to be the best, you have to work 2 times harder than everyone else. You have a song called "For The Haterz", tell us why it was important for you to address your doubters? It was important for me to address my doubters in my song "For The Haterz" to let them know that I am aware of all the down talk and negatives that they send my way and say behind my back. It's all hate and envy at the same time because they are not moving and they see me not only doing something, but progressing while I'm doing it! But I'm cool with it because all that tells me is that I'm doing something right and they want to be where I'm at. So hate on haters. It seems that you gain motivation from nonbelievers, what makes that possible for you? First off, I would love to turn every nonbeliever into a believer and the only way to accomplish that is to work harder, if they don't like my music they will respect my grind. I also expect people to put roadblocks, exits and bumps in my way while I'm on the road to success; I see it as just another obstacle to get around. In your opinion what are the characteristics of a successful rap artist? To me, some of the characteristics that you must to have to be a successful rap artist are that you must have the drive to go hard because there are a million other people that want to be rappers. You have to be 100% dedicated to it, you have to have self motivation because at the end of the day it's your career and you have to burberry outlet ?????? be willing to sacrifice, whether it's time, money, sleep, being away from your family, etc. If you really want to be successful as a rap artist you have to be able to give up some things for the moment so that you can enjoy it later on in the future. There was a time when music wasn't a priority for you, tell us what brought you back? What brought me back to the game was the hunger and passion that I have for music. When I stopped for a while to just work and make money to provide for my family, it was ok but I realized that there was a part of me missing and I wasn't complete. At that moment that's when I knew that not only did I love doing music but also it was in me and was a part of my life. How did it feel to release your second mixtape, "1st Impression" to such a wonderful response from your fans? It was a good feeling to know that I had that type of support system and fan base behind me. I mean I was getting good responses from fans all over, telling me that it was a classic; I even got inboxes from people telling me that they don't listen to rap but they can't stop listening to my music, it felt great. With this mix tape I was able to step out the box and present to the world the new me and show them my new style, my new flow and a lot of versatility. This mixtape really opened up a lot of doors for me, I was getting calls from so many different promoters asking me to perform at their events, artist of different genres been hitting me up for features like crazy and plus this mix tape brought on my current situation of getting signed to CW One burberry clothing Entertainment. It just felt real good to deliver to people what they wanted in music. What is your relationship with CW One Entertainment, LLC? CW One is burberry outlet uk online shopping my label, but now they my family. We're a movement that's about to take over this music business and I owe it all to my manager Carlton because he believed in me when no one else did. So for that I'm grinding like I never did before and I'm pushing everything to the limit so that we all good at the end. Ever since signing with CW One, things just got turned all the way up, I'm getting asked to open up for major artist at bigger venues, I have been traveling more, doing interviews, getting my songs played on the radio, getting all kinds of write ups and press releases, Things are just starting to move in the right direction for me now. What can we expect to hear and see from you in the near future? Well I will be releasing my third single in April, I can't release the name of the song yet, but it's from my album that will be dropping this summer.

I will be dropping another mixtape in June of this year, right before the album drops. Also expect a video for my third single, and all I can say is that it's going to be crazy! A goal of yours is to remind people of what true hip hop is how does your music show that? Hip hop is a culture, it's a way of life, I try to stay true and keep it real in my music. I like to put out music that people can relate to, but also enjoy at the same time, that's why I like to get creative with my flow and word play.

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