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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was predicted to wash up in Reunion Island A map drawn up by oceanographers one year ago actually predicated debris from MH370 would wash up on Reunion Island.

Shortly after the fashion outlet burberry Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared onMarch 8 last year, oceanographers from the University of Western Australia (UWA) drew up a map of burberry blazer sale possible drift patterns. The blue area on the map represented where debris could be found within six months of the disappearance of the flight, while the green area showed drift patterns between six and 12 months. The pink and red areas meanwhile, showed key areas where debris might be found more than a year after the disappearance. MORE: MH370: A suitcase has now been found on Reunion Island MORE: Has MH370 been found? Number stamped on wing flap offers vital clue Creepily, one of the red lines even crosses over Reunion island, showing just how close the oceanographers were to predicting the drift of the craft. Today the UWA said the discovery of the wing part and damaged suitcase was consistent with their graphic. It hard to guage, but it be no surprise if even more debris washes up in this burberry dog coat region. It may not necessarily be exactly here but in the Madagascar region, he said. more likely to be in this area after this burberry mens bags outlet debris was found.

The plane debris is everything that can float, so anything could show up next. But it could still take weeks or months for this to happen. The wing on Reunion Island has been confirmed as that of a Boeing 777 by aviation experts, who have flown out to the island to investigate whether it could belong to MH370.

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