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Burberry Trench Gris Uk

Burberry Trench Gris Uk


Media Musings Blog Archive Diluting the source Sure, those chips and potato cakes may inhabit the sweet taste of burberry products online salty sauce, but the process just wasn what it should burberry flats outlet have been.

Translate that over to the new concept of crowdsourcing, where media organizations effectively the call out to savvy readers and so called of the public sphere to do their dirty work. Crowdsourcing is a key feature burberry black friday sale in the current media. Punters become the by sending in their news tips, photos, videos and hot gossip. Who knows, the reader may even discover a dirty secret. Just last year, online crusader Crikey called on readers to burberry top scavenge through the Coalition parliamentary cheat sheet in an effort to find policies just a year out from the election. In an ideal world, a journalist would receive a leak, and be given some sort of Easter egg from the as to where the story is.

But in this case, one man showBernard Keane, wasn afforded such a privilege. Daily deadlines and other prioritised stories meant Keane and other Crikey hacks couldn scavenge the document themselves, contracting the process (all for free and in the best interests of democracy) to the readers. But what the best outcome? Where does good, quality, investigative journalism exist in this new method of crowdsourcing.

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