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Burberry London Trench noir

Burberry London Trench noir


Media Musings Blog Archive Delta tweet racist Delta was claimed to be endorsing racism by re tweeting the image containing the man dressed in blackface.

It began in the 1920s and was popular burberry usa shop until 60s when the black civil rights movement in the US helped white people understand how grossly insulting and racist it was. Blackface is racist and should not be tolerated. Yet I am wanting to question like Mia Freedom whether there is a difference between dressing up with to mock an entire race causing great offense and dressing up respectfully as someone who has black skin. I happened to interview the male who dressed up as Seal in this image earlier in the burberry belt men week. He was horrified at the burberry brit shop media circus his choice of costume had caused and that the media had labelled him a racist. The boys just took thedistinguishing/defining features of each judge and used them in their costume (like anyone does for any costume party). One male is dressed in drag as Delta.

Does the media label him a sexist? The boys had no intentions burberry designer clothes of beingracist or causing any harm to anybody they were just trying to have fun night. However this example does bring to light, the ever increasing need to always be socially conscience when using social media sites. Social media sites can be dangerous, with their unstoppable ability to make split second decisions viral within moments.

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