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Burberry diamant V

Burberry diamant V


inch hunting knife From The Oxford Times In a second interview he then changed his story further and told officers that his friend, Paddy, who he was with at the time, had the knife and not him.

He ultimately pleaded guilty to the official burberry outlet offence at Banbury Magistrates' Court last month. The court heard how Snell had also been sentenced for a similar offence of possessing a hunting burberry bags on sale knife some ten years ago, where it was claimed to have been part of a fishing kit. In his mitigation, the court heard from his defence team how he was 'up and coming' and had launched his burberry wallet sale outlet own business while simultaneously juggling the responsibility of his looking after his family. Defending Graham Logan, said: "Since 2011 he is man who has created a home away from the criminal justice system and provided a stable home for his two children.

"That hasn't been easy by the fact that there is a history of mental health issues." He added that his client who is a diagnosed schizophrenic had not been taking his medication at the time of the incident. However, Judge Smith said: "In interviews you firstly told officers you found the blade burberry london online store moments before your arrest and in your second interview you said the second person had owned the blade.

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