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Is Tosca Lee the next William P While unexpectedly delayed for many, many hours in LAX this weekend as I watched plane after plane leave without me, all I had on hand to keep me entertained was one book.

Having left every electronic burberry men gadget at home in exchange for an all too rapid beach weekend, the only form of entertainment that still remained was Tosca Lee's Demon: A Memoir. Two of my friends here in Colorado Springs have done nothing but beg me to read this book for the past few months.

Not one to really enjoy supernatural fiction thrillers though, I started in slowly reading Demon while at the airport, but before long I could barely put it down long enough to check the status on my perpetually delayed flight. At my small group burberry sweater sale last night I recommended the book discounted burberry handbags to everyone, adding in the detail that it burberry bag sale online has affected my concept of God perhaps more so than The Shack, or even Screwtape Letters.

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