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MacDonald renovations to go ahead "It would have voided the burberry outlet all we fought for.

The fact that it's on the capital budget list is a huge thing for us. It's a big win." The provincial government released its capital plan on Wednesday, including the project as part of a $99.5 million investment to build and renovate schools to give students modern learning facilities. During a school review process in 2014, the community proposed renovating the Primary to Grade 6 school to accommodate Grade 7 and 8 students from EPMS. The plan is to close the middle school, which is in poor condition and has an enrollment of less burberry outlet ?????? than 100 students, and stipulations were put in place that the upgrades had to be completed within five years. Frank H. MacDonald principal Nancy Doyle said the school community is excited about the announcement. "We're really happy about it. We look forward to it starting and the finished project, of course," Doyle said. "It'll be nice to have the two groups together." She was through a similar process while working at Dr. MacLeod in Riverton when it was renovated to include middle school students after Highland Consolidated in Westville was permanently closed due to air quality issues. Frank H. and MacLeod schools have similar floor plans. "We're hopeful many of the changes will be similar to MacLeod," she said. "There will be some differences because there's a few differences in the layout, but they're quite similar." Having been through the construction process once already, she describes it as "short term pain for long term gain." "It's not as difficult for the burberry backpack outlet kids as it is for the adults. Kids are pretty resilient," she said. Pictou East MLA Tim Houston, who has been vocal about getting the project completed, said the community is feeling relieved. "It's a great sense of relief. Finally the right thing is being done," he said, noting that people have been waiting anxiously for the capital plan to be announced. "I've heard from quite a few people who are glad to hear it's finally on that list." Houston said he was told by a staffer from the Department of Education that the project should be done within the year. The Chignecto Central Regional School Board's communications manager said a timeline and costs haven't yet been determined. "It's been on the books since 2014 as part of our submission, so it's very good news," said Debbie Buott Matheson. Heather Fairbairn, the media relations advisor for the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, said it's too early in the process to address questions about timelines and other project details.

She said the contract has not yet been tendered, and the next step in the process involves discussions with the board and selecting a design consultant. "We will examine burberry catalog all opportunities to complete the project as promptly as possible.".

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