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Burberry Nova Check moyen Hobo Sacs en noir et pourpre


Life in prison for McCulkin murderer Triple murderer Vincent O'Dempsey's solicitor Terry O'Gorman has criticised the Queensland legal system after his client was jailed for life over the 1974 McCulkin killings.

Speaking outside the Brisbane Supreme Court after O'Dempsey and Garry Dubois were sentenced on Thursday, Mr O'Gorman acknowledged the grief and angst of the McCulkin burberry usa online store family before criticising the evidence of three crucial prosecution witnesses and reporting of the trial. O'Dempsey, 78, will likely die in jail after he was convicted in May following a month long trial, during which the jury heard he had confessed to the McCulkin murders to three people. The first witness, Warren McDonald, said O'Dempsey had in buberry us 1997 boasted about the murders and that he would never be caught. O'Dempsey's former girlfriend Kerri Scully also told the jury he had bragged to her about the murders and a remand prisoner, who can't be identified, burberry us online secretly recorded a confession this year, the court heard. But Mr O'Gorman has slammed the state's legal system for allowing the witnesses burberry outlet after christmas sale to testify. 'In respect of each of the three people to whom my client is said to have made confessions, they have all significant failings,' Mr O'Gorman said. Of Mr McDonald, he said: 'He escaped a jail term of two years, he escaped a $100,000 plus confiscation order because he was prepared to give evidence against Vince O'Dempsey.' When Ms Scully was first interviewed by police she denied O'Dempsey had confessed, Mr O'Gorman said. 'And then she said that Vince O'Dempsey had confessed not to the McCulkin murders but to three gangland murders in Melbourne,' he said.

The prison snitch had made a career out of being a serial informant, Mr O 'Gorman said. 'The system allows him to give evidence under a pseudonym so no other prisoners and no other people in the community who know about this person can come forward and assist the defence.'.

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