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Vert Hommes Burberry Trench Coats Arm

Vert Hommes Burberry Trench Coats Arm


I've learnt all decent fantasy is about the real world Two moresleeps burberry brit bag outlet and winter's finally here, people.

No, I'm not talking actual, literal winter; anyone nursing a cold and living in a miasma of phlegm and pseudoephedrine knows it has been winter for a while. I mean that in two more sleeps Game of Thrones is back, when all your favourites return to the screen despite your inability to remember their names: Dragon Tits, for instance, or Handsome Dwarf, Bastard I'd Bang, the bald one and Arya Stark. The show's not for everyone. Those with weak stomachs have been right to look away. Westeros and its neighbouring continents are brutal worlds in which men are castrated or worse (there's always worse) and women are sexually assaulted burberry clothing brand and publicly shamed. burberry outlet locations Meanwhile, innocent kids are burnt to death as human sacrifices; remember this, Jayden, the next time Mum or Dad tells you to get in the car, and no, you're not getting a Kinder Surprise after today's foul behaviour, put your seatbelt on now. Martin and HBO's very attractive showrunners (google them) is that it's not black and white. Good people suffer and villains aren't two dimensional human beings unless they'repsychopaths or supernatural snow monster zombie things. I'm sure you quietly cheered when Cersei Lannister, ostensibly the show's current "baddie", completely spoilerspoilerspoiler in King's Landing and spoilerspoilerspoiler before smugly sipping her wine. And who could blame her? All decent fantasy is about the real world, really. The Lord of the Rings is an allegory for war, Harry Potter helps children confront the realities of death, The Hunger Games skewers the real world horrors of class divide. (Forget about Twilight; it's garbage.) Similarly, Game of Thrones is about politics and the moral abomination of slavery. It's an instructive on how to destroy patriarchy and an astute parable about climate change. As everyone scores petty points, the apocalypse slowly approaches. No one listens to the experts. Sound familiar? But really, what I love is how it makes me feel. As an adult, you eventually realise that every superhero film is just a high budget cartoon, and that the Alien franchise hasn't been great since 1986. Game of Thrones is the ultimate nerd fest for adults. I'll be so sad when it has gone.

borse burberry outlet So go watch and make haste. For the night is dark and full of spoilers.

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